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How to remove your data from collects information related to your fields and equipment that are enrolled with the application, in addition to basic personal data that you have declared during your registration. These details are essential to the platform's operation and to ensure that you receive quality Precision Agriculture services.

Absolutely nothing regarding your information including personal details, settings, sensor measurements, dashboard views, notification & automation configurations, is shared with any other 3rd party beyond AGENSO.

If you would like your data removed and forgotten from the web application, kindly send us an email originating from the same mailbox that serves as the username of the account whose data is to be removed. If you have multiple accounts with our service, please ensure you are placing a removal request for the correct one.

Keep in mind that it is a requirement that you use the mailbox associated with the account, to request data removal for the latter. Furthermore, AGENSO might employ additional steps to verify your identity before proceeding. If you have lost access to your mailbox, please contact AGENSO.

In your message, please clearly specify whether you would like your entire account purged, or specific categories of your data, e.g.: sensor measurements, only.

Data categories kept in are:

Please note that data removal is an irrevocable action, effective a few business days after your request is received and your identity is verified to be the legitimate owner of the associated account.

Only make this request if your are sure that you will not be needing this information in the future. We recommend downloading and validating exports of your fields' measurements to be removed, before placing a request for data deletion.

Thank you.